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Pop the confetti and get your party-girl dress out.  Spring is here and it’s time to get your groove back!

These past few weeks I’ve been feeling just like that…  She’s baacckkkk and with my groove intact.  It feels good!  This weekend I had an impromptu gathering at my house and brought new and old friends together.  It was a lot of fun and I was glad I acted on my spontaneity.  Good friends and laughter– it can take you from feeling empty to full in zero to thirty seconds! 

Being a reflective person, I am keenly aware of how good I’ve been feeling and trying to figure out what the key factors are so I know what to do the next time I need a  jump-start. What I’ve figured out is what I already knew. Life is an ebb and flow, and there is a time and a place for everything.  The times we are not “on” or our usual social selves are when we are backing up to get a running start forward. We are in what I like to call the ‘tweener’ stage; a time of retreat, processing and mulling things over. It is not always a fun space to be in albeit necessary for our growth and future successes.

This last year has not been easy for me, I have been unemployed in the worst recession since the depression. Talk about depressing! Thankfully, I have managed not to ‘go there’ and have stayed ahead of the game which has contributed to my strong come back.   

The key for me has been learning how to better manage myself on a day-to-day basis. By that I mean regardless of what’s going on around me, first and foremost I need to eat well, exercise daily, allow myself to feel my feelings, surround myself  with people who listen and make me feel good, and learn to “let go and let God”. These are my golden rules. I’ve found that by doing these things on a daily basis the stress of life has had less of a chance of getting me down or getting the best of me. The irony of my situation, I’ve never felt more in control and happier than I do now. 

What a powerful lesson.  I won’t say it is easy because it’s not. I have had my share of bad days, for sure.  What I have come to realize though, is when I allow myself to feel my feelings (the good, bad and ugly) they ultimately pass. When I allow myself to feel my feelings, I don’t abuse my body by emotionally eating and the bad feelings pass and I am still okay. And when I allow myself to feel my feelings and do not emotionally eat, I am free to make better choices. I either go to the gym or for a run which always makes me feel a whole lot better than beating myself up does.  If none of the above work, I phone a friend or learn to let it go.

The bottom line, life isn’t easy. We don’t have as much control over life as we would like to think we do. As the saying goes, sh** happens. Ultimately the only thing we do have control over is ourselves and our reaction in that moment.  My whole life I have been a worrier and someone who likes to be in control.  Yet in hindsight the one thing I never really had mastery over was myself!  I allowed circumstances and people to have more control over me than I’d like to admit.  This time I choose differently, and it has made all the difference in me and my life.  There is no looking back… I wonder what’s next?!


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